The art of Soraya Bradley
- hope through beauty - the romantic realist paintings of artist Soraya Bradley -
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to the portfolio of romantic realist painter, Soraya Bradley.


Romantic realist oil paintings by New Zealand artist, Soraya Bradley embody not only classical skills but also the classic goals of aesthetic beauty and emotional relevance.  Soraya's paintings are filled with icons of femininity, romantic and modern, with rich themes, glowing color and poetic intimacy.  She is a figure painter, working in a realist style.

Soraya gathers a selection of handmade oil paints consisting of natural ochre’s, sienna’s and umber’s and a select few modern crimsons.  Evocative of an autumn landscape, sumptuous materials are slowly welded together into naturally poetic oil paintings. Exquisite details are paramount but delicate, anchored in strong sculptural form.

Thoughtfully, Soraya constructs beautiful oil paintings, pieces that can be loved and treasured, to stand the test of time in a fast transient world.