The paintings of Soraya Bradley
- hope through beauty - the romantic realist paintings of artist, Soraya Bradley -


Biography of New Zealand contemporary romantic realist painter, Soraya Bradley. 


Soraya Bradley(b.1975) is a romantic realist painter working on the cusp of Kapiti and rural Horowhenua, on the west coast of New Zealand.

Introspective by nature, Soraya has deliberately tailored her life to preserve the solitary endeavour of her visual art practice. 

She achieved a Diploma of Art and Creativity with honours from the Learning Connection. She has studied interior design and also minored in art while achieving a diploma of teaching at University of Waikato. 

Soraya has found herself on the cusp of an unexpected convergence with the flowering realism worldwide.  Realism is a diverse genre - with many sub groups and labels.  

Every artist whom embraces realist methods, draws on a long tradition bringing to our time historic techniques and ideals that enrich our culture and merge them with ideas, knowledge and technologies, experiences of our society.

Soraya’s paintings reflect three main concerns, the historical associations of oil painting, the contemporary possibilities of the medium and love of figurative art.