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Soraya's Journal

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Origin of Inspiration

Antique Rose  

My mother in law and a dear friend, both have wonderful gardens full of the most delicious roses, old fashioned flowers that have been the source of inspiration for pieces in the "Allegory of Spring" collection.

The inspiration for this painting was an antique rose from Anne's garden, with the most sumptuous scent and delicate color. These are extra special as they were Isabel's (Anne's daughter) favourite rose.

I have rather a soft spot for titian hair and pink, "Anne of Green Gables" may be responsible. And as "Anne" and "pink roses" became intwined the concept behind picture began to form.

As I had quite a clear picture, I sketched directly on canvas. A monochrome raw umber layer confirmed proportions and provided a beautiful earthy base. After looking at the underpainting for a few weeks, I painted directly. The main paintings was completed in a four-five days. The Roses were added toward the end over a few days. 

Presently Antique Rose for sale at "Art on Tyne" Oamaru's coolest new gallery....