The paintings of Soraya Bradley
- hope through beauty - the romantic realist paintings of artist, Soraya Bradley -
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Soraya's Journal

musings about art and life ...


Flying time ....

Its been just over two weeks since the Kapiti Arts trail... how time has flown by. 

We moved from one unfinished house to another last week and the race is on to try and get everything completed. So it has been a fortnight of painting walls, falling off ladders (yes me with swollen bruised wrists) and down stairs, crisis meetings, adaptions, new plans, no internet, no shelving whatsoever .... and probably another few months of the same.

As I slowly begin to set up the home studio adapting from the ideal of a pristine, clutter free space to a working studio has been a challenge. Added to by the discovery over the arts trail weekends, a leak in my Otaki studio roof, so all the paintings have been packed up and stored waiting roof repairs, sales and storage space. 

But despite the chaos around me, I feel calmer down at the farm, everyday walking in the greenery, through Sylvia's exquisite rose garden and I am excited to start some new work ...

Next week I will announce the winner of the "Butterfly" print and the voted favourite paintings by those who attended the arts trail. Also over the coming weeks I will be revisiting some of this years pieces and delving into my inspirations.