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Kapiti Arts Trail 2016

Soraya Bradley Studio, Kapiti Arts Trail 2016

November has been a shaky month, quite literally in New Zealand and I have found myself quite discombobulated. Before I carried on with my painting rambles in the next few posts. I wanted to post a great big THANK YOU to all those who braved the cold weather to attend my arts trail exhibition. Especially to all the well wishes, I was humbled to do so well at the Rotary art show, my deepest gratitude also goes to the organisers and artist Alfred Memelink from Art Space Gallery.

A few of the larger pieces sold the month prior to the arts trail, so I went from superbly organised to complete panic mode. Having exhibitions close to home the last few years, it became a strange anti climax being unable to see how the newly completed paintings were received.

Sylvia's roses began to bloom the second weekend, Anne and Tina's skills were sadly missed. My floral arrangements were saved only by the beautiful blooms and exquisite fragrance. 

Now having now returned to the studio to begin my next collection I have quite a large void. Two of the paintings were begun before I broke my wrist in 2010. After six years slowly working on them, the studio feels quite empty without them - but more on them next time. 

I finally have work unwrapped, after this week's trip to Wellington, I will be sending some smaller paintings down to "Art on Tyne". "Summertime" is already up at Taylor Jenson's in Palmerston North. My summer reading pile is also overflowing, so I'm hoping my mind will settle soon so I can enjoy an inspiring summer.