The paintings of Soraya Bradley
- hope through beauty - the romantic realist paintings of artist, Soraya Bradley -
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Soraya's Journal

musings about art and life ...


The Orphan ...

Late last year, Michael rushed into the studio. He found this on the driveway, all her brothers and sisters ran off and left her when they saw me. Then she laid on the ground hissing up at me, reminded me of you ... probably won't live long, can you feed her. Then he passed me half a handful of fluff and ran out the door.

The next two weeks, around other drama's, was feeding every two hours. Guarding her from the ever curious dogs & grumpy cats. Turns out she is a he ... Daisy is now Jack.

Here is his first few days in pictures (more  pictures than is decent - thank goodness we are not limited to 24 shot film)

His head was so heavy and he so weak, he could not even lap up the milk. I fed him butter, as the higher fat content seemed that it should give him more energy. However he also just face planted into that and I was never sure how much food he was getting.

And his first few months ... he went on walks (carried) with us. His paws so tiny he could not retract his paws. 

Luna & Jack are typical brother and sister, they fight but protective of each other.  He remains somewhat the wildcat & there is significant identity confusion - cat or a dog?