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Fantin - Latour Rose

We have had cold miserable weather lately. With no paving, on a farm with three dogs - mud is driving me nuts. For the first time in years I can't wait for summer.

So for some midwinter color ...

These are my favourites in Sylvia's garden, a wildly erratic plant and a challenge to arrange because they are so fragile they fall apart, these roses are named after one of my favourite still life & figure painters Henri Fantin-Latour.

I came to Latour's work not through high culture - but pop culture. The english rock band New Order used Latour's painting on the cover of an album, Power, Corruption and Lies, back in the day and I have hunted out his work online and in books since.

I hated still life and landscape projects, I always had my nose in a book in my younger days. It has been Henri Fantin-Latour's paintings, that began a love of nature, a new way of seeing. Thats part of what I love about the power of arts - it can give you a world to hide in and a new eyes to see the world.