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A Blackbird Song

A Blackbird Song by Soraya

This painting began with a simple children's story about a princess, an artist, an evil king and a blackbird.  

The most talented artist in the land was asked to paint the evil king, which he did - because he must. But the artist could not lie with his paints. So the Kings portrait revealed the resentment, bitterness and cruelty he possessed. The artist was thrown into prison, because the King could not face himself. 

It was cold and dark in the prison, the artists only joy was a blackbird who visited him everyday. The blackbird sang of  a beautiful princess, so sad, locked away in a beautiful garden. Inspired, the artist gathered up bits of charcoal and drew the princess all over his prison walls. 

Dragged before the king, and the beautiful princess exactly as the blackbird described. The artist was demanded to explain the pictures. Before he knew it he had been sentenced to death for spying on the princess or possessing magic. The princess begged her father to no avail. 

The day of the execution, dark clouds appeared on the horizon. But it was the blackbird, he had gathered all the birds of the land, they split into two groups. One group gathered the artist out of the prison window, while the second group plucked the princess from the garden and carried them both to a far of land where they lived happily together.

I loved this story as a child and I as an adult I love that imagery. Escaping an oppressive circumstance, when we take that leap of faith, the ground feels uncertain before us. Its fragile and unstable and uncertain. But once the choice is made we let go, we face our dragons and step into the unknown.