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Daisy Chain's

Sometimes a piece can begin with one aspect and transform into another.

Daisy Chains by Soraya Bradley

Daisy Chains by Soraya Bradley

I began this piece with an exploration into that transition between adulthood and childhood. I’m not quite sure if our girl has been caught dressing up - and she is too old for such frivolous things. Or whether she is too young, being caught in dressing up too old for her. Feeling caught nonetheless is the sense of her expression and stance. Whether she is about to turn and face the intruder or run, I cannot be sure myself.

In my failed seventh form photography board, I used vintage dresses as a key prop. With my sister and cousin as my models. The first shoot was in the attic of a farm shed, with dust and old suitcases. The second shoot, we had flower petals flying through the air via the trampoline and making daisy chains. (a favourite distraction when supposedly fielding in cricket during Physical Ed.)

I used to cover pages in daisy’s, as did my mother and daughter. Historically, Daisy comes “Day’s Eye” from Anglo saxon. The flower is ruled by the sun - opening and closing on the solar cycle. In flower symbolism Daisies represent innocence, gentleness and purity. And the message “I will never tell”

In celtic lore daisies symbolise spirits of children who died when they were born. In myth, a dryad (wood nymph) who governed meadows, forests and pastures turned herself into daisy’s to avoid the advances of the god of the orchards - vertumnas, thus preserving her innocence.

Thus began the painting Daisy Chain’s, however I became rather besotted with the visual poetry of this piece. How the dress flows. The movement vs the statuesque. It is as close as I will probably come to abstraction. Hence she went in a completely different direction than I intended. A bright fresh colour design turned into minimal colour palette of greyed cobalt and warm neutrals, exaggerates not the daisies and the girl, but the flow of that dress.