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A Moleskine Diary Review.

Organisational Tools for the Disorganised

"But she and only she is the most important of all the roses, because it is her that I water"

"But she and only she is the most important of all the roses, because it is her that I water"

The 2018 Moleskine diaries are due to be released soon, so I thought I would review mine.

As someone who thinks in patterns and has some neurotic tendencies, the last few years any semblance of organisation has evaporated. My long job list are dragged about for weeks. Sometimes can feel like my positivity shows only on through my overestimation of how much I can get through in a day. I know, it is a normal bi-product of working from home. But the past year my productivity has gone way down and my confidence with it. Part of it is a particularly challenging series I began, but I began to feel demoralised at my progress.  

I stumbled across moleskine diaries, when I was looking for sketchbooks. Long ago I discovered ugly, practical or bulky meant, it would not be used. So stalling my tinge of guilt, I picked the "Le Petit Prince Limited Edition".  Pretty enough, but not to precious to use.

Le Petit Prince diary

Weekly Layout

With the weekly layout, I keep a running job list, shopping list etc. which when you think in patterns, is very helpful. Everyday I can look to the most important and most urgent jobs, rather than rewrite the job list. 

The only negative is that 2018 Moleskine has not included Le Petit Prince in their limited edition collection. I did love the 18 Month LePetit Prince with the little fox - which looks just like Luna, but they had sold out - so I was hoping for another edition. This years collection includes Peanuts, Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars. 

More on  "The Little Prince" ... 

I recently discovered the story "The Little Price". Published in 1943, its author, pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery fled to America when his native France fell in the second world war. 

It is written originally in french. So I think we miss out on the innate beauty of the language in the translation. The story is delicate and whimsical. Appearing so simple, the story explores loneliness and depersonalisation, love and loss.  

In 2015 the Little Prince was made into a movie. The movie adds an extra generation to the storyline. Both the original illustrations and the movie are exquisiteWritten in 1943, it is an poignant enduring story.