The paintings of Soraya Bradley
- hope through beauty - the romantic realist paintings of artist, Soraya Bradley -
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Artist's Statement



The trees are my companions, reminding me of time passing by.

My dog shows me what love and loyalty are.

I am an urban reclusive who lives in the country.

I am free in open spaces, 

I lock myself in a room to paint,

I am free in my prison. 


I weld my brush like a wand.

I create something out of nothing,

it is not magical

it is alchemy, 

messy and dirty, volatile and clandestine.


Painting is slow.

Painting is messy. 

Painting can never be purely conceptual, 

because the mind cannot be truly separated from the body.


I have an unquiet mind. 

Painting is balance.

Painting is my addiction, my passion, my one true love 

without it I am mad and vicious, anxious and afraid, 

obsessive and words I haven’t thought of yet.


My family did not encourage my creativity.

I did not visit museums in my childhood. 

I have never seen a Vermeer, or a Klimt, or a Bouguereau, 

But I have learnt by looking at masters.

I am an outsider.


Because painting is slow

It is concerns are slow,

big insignificant things,

beauty, love, hope, 

the hero’s journey. 


Painting reaches beyond the surface world.

It reminds us we are at once individuals, and part of all humanity,

Art awakens what is asleep within us.


In art school we are taught ideas are art and art is kitsch.

We are taught art is to be owned, not looked at.


Modern art does not shock me,

(tho' some of it I love deeply) 

mans shortsightedness shocks me, 

mans cruelty shocks me, 

compassion gives me hope.


My work is not this.

My paintings are a hot bath after being chilled through,

bare feet in warm sand,  

A cold beer on a scorching day.

The pungent sweet fragrance of a rose.


I paint beautiful paintings because I love beautiful things,

Elegant design is art, 

Craftsmanship it art,

Beauty matters.


Painting is about tactile surfaces, the texture of paint.

How the brushstrokes are laid down.

How the brushstrokes morph into form.

Painting is human touch.


My painting is about colors dug up from the ground like mud and jewels,

And color inspired by flowers and by the sky.


My Painting is about storytelling,

I was never inspired by reality.

We are so often stuck in reality.

My painting is about a merging of metaphysical and flesh.


My painting is about strength and fragility, 

sadness and hope, 

power and vulnerability, time and eternity. 

The unquiet mind and moments of silence.


My painting is about nature and the old gods,

My painting is about woman.


The woman is home,

she is love, she is hope

she is of the earth,

she is emotion, the intuition,

she is fragile, she is wild.

The woman is madness, 

she is the animus, 

she is the victim, the second sex, 

she is the creator and the destroyer,

she is desire.


I am stealing back the image of woman.